Membership Application
  • Student Membership:

Current undergraduate, graduate students, phd from the colleges and universities, specializing in Electronics-related, can apply for the Student Membership.

1. You can register the SIE conference at Student Membership Price

2. SIE Members will be given preferential interview and employment opportunities..

  • Ordinary Membership:

Anyone who is interested in SIE association can apply for the Ordinary Membership.

1. You will be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant SIE conference.

2. You will be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant SIE conference.

3. You can register the SIE conference with a discounted price.

4. SIE members enjoy the free job-posting, and each posting is reserved for three months.

If you are interested in joining SIE as Free-of-Charge, please contact us with your resume to member@sie.sg. Your application will be processed in 5 working days.