Welcome Message From Secretary-General of SIE

It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to the Singapore Institute of Electronics (SIE) family. Our mission is to advance and promote the science and profession of electronics-related fields for the well-being of mankind, by providing our core programs to both academic institutions and industries. Each year, SIE organizes various events to advance and promote the science and profession of electronics-related fields for the well-being of mankind, in line with the requirements of other non-profit organizations worldwide.


To fulfill the obligations of non-profit organization status, the main work of SIE is to conduct academic and technical exchanges both domestically and internationally, provide continuing education and technical training, popularize knowledge of electronic information science and technology, promote the application of electronic information technology, provide decision-making and technical consulting services, organize science and technology exhibitions, organize the formulation and application of electronic information technology standards, discover, cultivate, recommend talents, and reward outstanding electronic information science and technology workers.


In the journey of achieving this mission, it has been my privilege to work alongside all of you, both from academic institutions and industries, and in the process, getting to know you. It provides all of us with the opportunity to come across and interact with new colleagues in various professions, besides, of course, renewing our old friendships. The networking opportunity associated with it enables us to establish new collaborations and take stock of the previous ones.


I take this opportunity to urge you to converge with us and consider sharing your expertise on different aspects of electronics fields with your peers from around the world. We warmly welcome and encourage you to join us, share your research efforts and findings with your peers, appraise yourself with their experiences, publish your work, and in the process, contribute towards advancing the state-of-the-art in the field of electronics. Alternatively, you are welcome to join us as a training tutor to empower people with skills and knowledge to improve their employability and lives.


I sincerely hope that with your support, you will participate in future events organized by us and continue to engage with SIE.


Dr. Maode MaDr. Maode Ma

March 23, 2015