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About Us:

Singapore Institute of Electronics (SIE) is was established in 2011 to advance the research of Electronics related, it represents the interests and provides a common platform for the reseachers and scholors in relevant fields to meet, discuss, collaborate and undertake viable projects together. And aims at nurturing friendship, promoting and forming the networks of Electronics, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, Bioinformatics and all related Engineers and Professionals, among those corporations and individuals who believe that electronics-related technology will be a big thing to come, to play, and to contribute to the mankind and the modern society. SIE organizes international conferences, training and seminars for members and the public.


To advance and promote the science and profession of Electronics-related for the well-being of mankind.


To be the premium platform of promoting friendship and Electronics in Singapore and beyond.

Seminar Benefits

Classroom instruction by industry experts

Ideal for engineers, operators, foremen, and supervisors

Opportunity to meet peers from around the world

Trade shows with the latest ideas Cost-effective training for group training or personel training

Attendees are eligible for Achievement Exam Program